best air fryer

You might have been given the misconception that fried foods are unhealthy. But thanks to innovation, you can now have fried foods while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But how?!

Well, credit belongs to air fryers which cook your favorite food with as much as 80% less oil from the usual. These countertop appliances will enable you to fry foods without compromising your health. 

They only need little oil and work through the circulation of super-hot air to cook the food. Most of them essentially replace deep oil fryers and oven with their healthy alternative.

best air fryer

Air fryers circulate hot air to roast, bake, grill, and fry foods while keeping the inside juicy and moist. They drain oil from the food helping you save more calories. Their cleanup is a snap as they allow you to put air fryer parts in the dishwasher. Your kitchen will be spared from any smell because they do not give off the cooked oil smell. 

However, not all these appliances are equally designed. You may find them at a certain price point. The best of these gadgets are dependable and durable with specific features addressing demands of everyday cooking. So if you have plans to purchase one for your kitchen, read through up until the end to know more about the air fryers.


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best air fryer reviews

This air cooker is reputable for its excellent cooking performance and premium price for its large capacity. It has a 60-minute timer that comes with an automatic on and off setting. Its rapid air technology allows you to grill, roast or fry food efficiently and keeps a minimum smell. Its smart pre-set button saves your cooking settings when you do it again.

Philips Airfryer has a patented starfish design and a solid, lasting build. It has a large capacity giving you convenience in cooking for the whole family. Its digital display can be used easily with its smart pre-set feature and auto shut-off. Get a full cooking experience with its multiple accessories.

On the other hand, this unit is large and heavy. It does not have pre-programmed options for common food cooking. It has the tendency to smoke up because of its dirty element. Its mesh basket also requires hand cleaning.

(4.2 / 5)

This NuWave Air Fryer combines high-speed air circulation and hot air to result in a perfect cooking of your fried foods. You can now roast, grill and bake different kinds of foods with lesser or no oil at all. Its food basket and removable drawer have durable nonstick coating and dishwasher safe. 

This air fryer has digital LED controls that make sure the consistency and accuracy of cooking results. Its temperature can range from 100-390 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increments. 

The only drawback of this unit is the difficulty in judging its thorough food cooking since it cooks faster. 

(4.2 / 5)

Notable for its best budget and superb cooking ability, this unit is overbuilt to be high performing and durable with its 2-year warranty. It boasts its lasting and good cooking experience offerings. Its dual convection fans evenly circulate hot air around the food. You will be able to cook two food portions at once with its divider and mesh basket.

The dual convection fans technology of this air fryer results in even and crispy cooking. It has a 60-minute timer with a pre-heat function and an auto shutoff. All its detachable parts are safe for dishwashing that makes them easy to clean. It also has an overheating protection and any other safety measures.

Meanwhile, this unit is small that reading its temperature setting is so hard. Its accessories are also limited.   

air cooker

T-fal ActiFry is distinct from the other air fryers as it excellently automates the frying process’ turn over. This fryer comes with a paddle which strategically sits in the middle part of the pan then it slowly rotates to flip over the food. It has a very simple design and implements less temperature monitoring. The accessibility process with its lid, paddle, and pan makes it a dishwasher friendly unit.

This frying pan features a good cooking capacity with a viewing window. It has a straightforward and easy cleaning process. Its cooking operation is very simple as its timer can go up until 99 minutes.

Like the other air fryers, this too has drawbacks. Some users complain about the tendency of its stirring paddle to crush soft, small food that could lead to machine jam. It does not have an automatic shut off when the timer expires. Its default temperature is already fixed. Cooking time can also take longer than the usual as its temperature can only go up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Excellence in a digital display that meets solid cooking performance is the primary feature of GoWise air fryer. The unit implements a digital interface to become user-friendly. 

It has seven pre-sets to easily cook steak, meat, cake, shrimp, fish, and chicken. Its smart design enables you to pull out its draw then detach its basket through a button guard. The cooking basket and its drawer are safe for dishwashing which makes the job easier.

This air health fryer features an auto shutoff and workable digital display with accurate timer and temperature settings. Its price compensates its good value. It can cook more with its huge capacity of 5.8QT variety.

Some users of this appliance observe some food to be unevenly cooked. It also has limitations when it comes to its accessories including basket and additional purchases.

If you’re looking for a stylish and compact appliance with well-rounded cooking ability, Avalon Bay AirFryer is just right for you. This unit cooks food evenly thus creating consistency brought by its rapid air circulation technology and smart internal design. Its accessories include a multi-use layer rack, non-stick baking pan, and a mesh basket. The indications in its lid offer recommendations on the proper time and temperature settings for cooking.

The air fryer gives you a solid cooking experience considering its extra accessories. Its modern and sleek design makes its cleaning process. It also offers pre-set modes to cook as well as an easy-to-use digital interface.

However, using the analog dial of this fryer sees difficult and does not stop as you take the food out from it. Its handle doesn’t have a safety hatch. It is pricier compared to similar performing models despite its additional accessories.

Make the introduction to your air frying cost effective with Della Electric Air Fryer. The unit is specially designed to introduce you to air frying and offer you the best accessories to start your culinary journey right. 

Its temperature and dial implementations are just but the enough. It follows a straightforward and simplistic approach that makes its dishwashing process easy and safe. The safety release button and cool-touch technology of the unit keep you from dropping it from the food basket.

Overall, Dell Air Fryer promises a decent cooking with its warm-up button, easy cleanup process, competitive pricing, and more accessories (basket divider, tray, and tongs).

However, it can only cook food good for 2 persons considering its small capacity.

Targeting the primary demographics of couples or single people and families, Cozyna air fryer is offered in sizes 3.2 L and 5 L. The unit has a generic design based on two knobs that allow you to adjust the timer and temperature. 

Food cooked here results in an acceptable standard. You may also receive an e-book and hard-copy cookbook containing over 40 recipes. Its 2-year warranty only suggests its quality build. 

This air fryer only requires you to clean its basket and drawer. It is of great quality considering its warranty period. You can use it no matter the number of eaters since it is available in two varieties. 

You may be discouraged when it comes to its drawbacks though. The fryer is characterized by a generic design, mediocre cooking ability, and a sliding back in issue on its drawer. It is also overprices considering its functionality and price tag. 

Its staggering 15 L capacity makes up the name of Big Boss Air Fryer. This large kitchen appliance allows you cook two of your desired dishes on top of each other. Its temperature is adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit alongside its timer. The triple cooking power of this unit makes it a unique appliance as it uses convection, infrared heat and halogen to cook the food. All of its cleanable components are dishwasher safe.

Note the large cooking capacity of this air fryer, its 60-minute timer setting, and its glass construction for easy food view. Its cooking racks enable you to simultaneously cook multiple foods on it. Its accessories include a ring extender and lifting tongs. Its high temperature also ranges from 200 to 480 degree Fahrenheit.

You may, however, find it difficult to keep in your kitchen as the fryer requires lots of counter space and storage area. Cleaning it can be a bit difficult with its heavy bowl. Its analog interface features a poorly designed timer. You may find it difficult to carry its handle as the glass bowl can get very hot. Unlike the other fryers, it fails tocook food evenly. Complaints are also raised with regards to the inaccuracy of its timer.

The sleek and powerful with its huge capacity makes Power Airfryer ideal for cooking various food types. It enables you to steam, grill, roast, sauté and bake food properly. Its basket divider can be used to split its cooking basket so that cooking two food items becomes effective. Choose the larger size, of course, if you are cooking for your family. When it comes to its design, it is fairly generic, copying other fryers’ egg shape.

Aside from its good capacity options, this unit also gives you decent cooking abilities. It comes with a temperature of 1700 Watts. Using its digital screen is made easy with the aid of its presets.

You need to take into account its bottom drawer as it can warp when cooking. Its cookbook overshoots its time and temperature settings. The recommendation power air fryer reviews on this is to use the trial and error technique to get the ideal settings. The value of this appliance tends to be overpriced compared to the other air fryers.


Keep in mind that air fryers are not always oil-free. That’s a fact. Some of them require s small; the amount of oil for enough juiciness and moisture inside the appliance. Use the air fryer reviews above that you might want to consider before going to the market to purchase one. Fry your food now and stay healthy. 

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