Boston or cocktail, finding the right martini shaker is quite an impulsive task especially when you are new to the mixology arena and do not know where to start. With the availability of lots of choices in a broad array of the price band and of course the user reviews make decision-making even worse for you. 

However, give your shaker face a shake and get set to find the perfect cocktail gift set that sets you free and of course, makes you the next cocktail maestro in the town. 

Professional bartenders are good at making a lasting impression on viewers when they shake drinks, we’re sure we can agree on this. However, it is necessary to remember that certain drinks require stirring and some require shaking. Therefore, prioritize your wants and get set on a lookup for the drink shaker you require.


#1 Piña Barware Boston Shaker


#2 Manhattan Mixology Kit


#3 OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker


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Before you buy look for the following: 

  • If you want only shaker or complete cocktail making kit
  • Learn the difference between Boston shaker and cocktail makers
  • Find out if the shaker tends to leak
  • Check if the top cap is easy to remove in spite of the thermal expansion or compression
  • Shaker must be rustproof

What type of strainer or jigger you may need, as many cocktail makers come with built-in strainer however; you need a Hawthorne strainer when you use a Boston shaker. Go ahead and check for yourself what makes a right fit for your need. Well, a splashing shaker indeed adds thwarting entertainment for your guests especially when you are in an embarrassing position right after sacrificing your brand new party shirt. Of course, you may need some new signature cocktails recipes for the party as well.


Piña Barware Boston Drink Shaker is stainless steel mixology tool designed to provide years of service to professional bartenders or even in case you need to give a few spins to margaritas for a small crowd at home. 

This two-piece shaker is available in 28 oz and 18 oz volume making you capable to work on 825ml or 550ml liquids at once. Crafted with 304 food grade stainless steel, Piña Barware Boston Shaker has a solid grip and polished stainless steel appeal makes it look a perfect addition to your bar or mixology kit for that matter.

Very durable and it weigh around 1.4 pounds offering the weight you need for perfect shaking. Both tins provide good sealing as well as they are easy to break apart and the weights at the bottom of both tins have reinforced 360 degree welding for sturdy feel of shaking a drink.

Get ready for frostbite if you are planning to use this stainless steel shaker to serve a large number of guests. Weights on the bottom of the tins came off due to manufacturing defects in the first batch of the shakers. However, Piña Barware has taken care of the issue with 360 degree welding.

Manhattan Mixology Kit is all in one 304 stainless steel cocktail shaker set suitable for home bartending. This cocktail making kit comprises one 25 oz large cocktail shaker, one 0.5/1 oz double-sided jigger, mixing bar spoon, and a cocktail muddler. All the components of the kit are stainless steel for years of performance. In addition, Manhattan Mixology Kit is dishwasher safe.

Ideally, the shaker in the kit is suitable to serve 3 to 4 drinks at once. Cocktail shaker has excellent sealing and the cap is easy to remove when you are done shaking the drink.

Manhattan Mixology Kit is all in one product comprising a shaker, jigger, bar spoon, and a muddler. Combination of these mixology components along with a sturdy to use shaker makes it a perfect choice for home bartending. All components of the kit are stainless steel and sealing is excellent.

Manhattan Mixology Kit may not be your best choice in case you are looking to serve a large crowd on a regular basis. Shaker may start to leak after excessive use. In addition, the shaker lacks the weight in the bottom. Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy shaking then Manhattan Mixology Kit may not be a pick for you.

OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker is sleek and handy product with built-in strainer and jigger cap with 1 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1/2 oz markings for accurate measure. This martini shaker comes with double wall construction for extra durability and minimal condensation. 18 oz capacity of the drink shaker makes it a perfect companion for large and small parties.

The OXO shaker is easy to handle and the jigger cap is easy to fit and remove no matter how cold the contents are. Further, shaker is leak proof and dishwasher friendly, although, a rinse is enough to keep it sparkling clean.

This part of an ideal cocktail gift set is easy to use and clean. Double wall construction prevents condensation for a firm grip. Stainless steel construction is durable. Markings on the jigger cap save you from buying an extra jigger. In addition, soft rubber grip on the jigger cap helps in steady pouring. Built-in strainer is another value addition to count on.

You may need to rinse the shaker between two drinks to avoid spillage. At time, the liquid inside may leak from the jigger cap. Shaker leaks sometimes when you add carbonated liquids to your drinks. The pressure built-up inside pushes the jigger lid causing it to leak.


Buying a value for money cocktail making kit is apparently not that difficult even for beginners when you know precisely what are you looking for. However, select the right product that meets your requirements. Many starter kits are available for home bars. Give a try and upgrade to a better shaker as you go pro in mixology. It is an art to please the taste buds with a drink and a shaker truly helps in mastering it. Well, it depends upon how serious you are about mastering the art of mixology. Well, help is always a click away and practice makes you the next cocktail maestro in the town.

The Vremi stainless steel cocktail shaker set is available as a cocktail kit comprising martini shaker, jigger, strainer, shot glass, pair of mini ice tongs, and stirring spoon making it a complete bartender kit for home or professional use.

Capacity of the shaker is 25 oz and this made in stainless steel shaker has a mirror finish. Cap of this shaker fits snugly to prevent leaks and it is easy to remove too. Further, it is dishwasher friendly and rustproof. Drink stirrer spoon is 18.3 x 2.5 cm in size and mini ice tongs come in 16 x 2.5 cm size. Dual jigger shot glass has 1oz top and 1.5 oz bottom capacity. It’s the perfect shaker and spoon!

All components of Vremi stainless steel cocktail shaker set are made of premium food grade stainless steel for safety and extra durability. Built-in top ring in the shaker provides snug fitting and prevents leak. This cocktail shaker set is ideal bartending kit for homes with frequent guests. Unlike some other shakers, Vremi shaker does not leak at all.

Mirror finish of the shaker attracts fingerprints and it is easy to smudge. Keep a towel ready to keep it sparkling. Further, top edge of the shaker is sharp and may cause cuts while washing without proper attention.

Naava home cocktail bar set is made of stainless steel and comprises shaker, strainer, ice tongs, measuring jigger, waiter’s corkscrew, beer bottle opener, stand to display, and three pourer spouts. All components of the cocktail gift set are dishwasher safe.

Shaker of the bar set has a 16 oz capacity ideal to serve a drink or two at once. Jigger of the set comes in 1 oz capacity on the larger side and 1/2 oz capacity on the smaller side. Shaker has unique design comprising can, middle section with built-in strainer, and cap. The strainer has metal mesh to allow direct pouring of the drink.

Naava home cocktail bar set is a complete bartender kit available with a stand for systematic display and organization of the components. Stainless steel structure ensures longevity and value for money. Three universally compatible pourer spouts supplied in the kit help in precise pouring of the drink. Naava home cocktail bar set is ideal beginner cocktail making kit.

Muddler and spoon are missing in the kit. In addition, shaker spills the drink if not poured carefully. Further, the holes in the stand are not properly aligned making the tools look misaligned when kept on the stand. The set may appear smaller than it looks in the pictures.

Barillio Elite cocktail shaker set comes with 24 oz capacity ideal for serving 2/3 drinks at once. This martini shaker set comprises jigger, mixing spoon, muddler, 2 liquor pourers to make it a perfect cocktail gift set for friends and relatives. All components of the shaker set are dishwasher safe and rustproof.

Stainless steel construction provides durability. Liquid pourers supplied in the set are universally compatible to almost all types of bottles for controlled pouring. Jigger supplied with the cocktail making kit has 1 oz measuring capacity on the larger side and 0.5 oz on the smaller side. Ideally, this Martini shaker kit is all in one solution for home parties.

Stainless steel structure provides durability, attractive designing, and the components of the set are dishwasher friendly for efficient cleaning. Further, the kit comes with all the essentials of the mixology right from the muddler to the jigger and from shaker to the mixing spoon. Barillio Elite cocktail shaker set certainly is value addition to your home bar.

Travel bag supplied with the kit has less space to accommodate the muddler. Jigger misses inside markings for accurate measurement of smaller portions. Shaker turns cold after a few shakes. You may need to use a towel to hold the shaker.

Innovee cocktail shaker is available in 24 oz capacity. Size of the shaker is 7.6 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches. This cocktail shaker set comes with jigger and built-in strainer. Further, all components of the cocktail gift set like shaker container, jigger, strainer, and cap are made of rustproof stainless steel for durability.

Cap fits snugly on the container and it is easy to open even with very cold drinks in it. Jigger is available with 1 oz on the large side and ½ oz capacity on the small side. Ideally, Innovee cocktail shaker is suitable for home use as well as using as a Boston shaker too as it makes the drink very cold.

Innovee cocktail shaker mixes drinks fast and keeps them cold. It is easy to use and leak proof. Opening the top of the shaker is not a problem due to thermal expansion after shaking a drink. Built-in strainer and jigger make it an ideal cocktail gift set.

Shaker turns very cold while making a drink. You may need a towel or microwave gloves to avoid freezing of hands. The lid may pop out unless tapped by a finger while shaking. This cocktail shaker set is not suitable for making hot drinks.

Aozita cocktail martini shaker home bar set is a combination of a shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, jigger, and two liquor pourers. Shaker from the kit is available with 24 oz capacity. Aozita martini shaker is ideal for small home bars as a perfect beginner bartender kit.

Jigger is available with 1 oz and 0.5 oz standard capacity. Further, a built-in strainer is available in the shaker. Muddler has perfect size to serve the purpose.

Elegant looks of Aozita cocktail martini shaker home bar set make it a perfect value addition to your home bar especially when you need a drink or two after a hectic day. Further, the kit has all you need as a bartender. Set is easy to use and clean. Further, the shaker is leak proof and does not rust or corrode.

Shaker is small in case you require serving many guests at once. Liquor pourers may pop out while pouring the drink due to incompatibility with some bottles.

Winco stainless steel 3-piece cocktail shaker set is available in 16 oz capacity. Its stainless steel body has a mirror finish for classic appeal. Cocktail making kit comprises shaker, jigger top, and strainer. All components of the set are dishwasher safe.

Product dimensions are 3 x 3 x 8.1 inches and weight is 8.8 oz. Overall visual appeal of the shaker is good and it serves well for small party occasions. Design of the pores on the strainer allows gradual pouring to avoid spills. Ideally, this cocktail kit is suitable for making a drink or two in a jiffy.

Winco cocktail set is sleek and ideal for small parties especially when you require making a couple of drinks. It is available with jigger and strainer saving you from buying them separately. Further, it is easy to use and leak proof. Verdict is it serves the purpose and ideal cocktail gift set for home bar owners.

Top lid fits tight due to vacuum and it is very difficult to remove easily without spilling the drink as the upper portion fits inside the lower tin. Hands freeze on excessive use of the shaker. Excessive force applied on jigger lid while fitting makes it tough to remove.

Oggi Jumbo Party Cocktail Shaker is a large cocktail Set designed to offer 40 oz of space for the action. However, it will take up to six cups of liquid with enough room to shake and max out on pouring the seventh cup with no room for shaking.

It comes in 14 inch height, weigh around 1.6 pounds, and has dual-tone finish. This made in stainless steel drink shaker comes with built-in strainer to prevent ice from pouring into the drink. Oggi Jumbo shaker is ideal for large and small parties.

Oggi Jumbo Martini shaker is the pick when you need to keep the flow up for large number of guests. Stainless steel construction provides durability. Built-in ice strainer proves to be a value addition. With 6 x 6 x 14 inches, you require both hands to hold it properly while shaking.

It leaks after vigorous shaking. Further, the lid is tough to remove and you may require struggling to remove it due to improper grip. It is the case with built-in strainer too. It is a little tough to remove and is not recommended to put the shaker in a dishwasher.

Well, there you have it folks. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and are prepared for a wonderful week, just don’t forget the shaker! More reviews coming soon here at 4th & swift.