It’s safe to say that you need to check your vehicle on a regular basis and replace any of its worn parts in order to keep it in good shape and ensure that it will last as long as it’s supposed to. One question that you need to ask yourself is “what oil filter do I need” because without the right one and keeping it changed when needed, can result in engine knocking and sputtering.  

Intense tests caused by street conditions and damaging climate necessitate vehicles to have the most effective running engine. This actually happens almost every day, which is why keeping them in their best possible performance is paramount.

A quality engine oil filter, which is not an engine filter, that can withstand a higher degree of temperatures is important in keeping the oil clean and from grating particles or any abrasive components. The enclosed canister and cartridge filters are two of the most common types of oil filters available in the market today. 

best oil filter comparison


#01 The Mobil 1 Oil Filter (M1-110 extended)


#02 Castrol 03083 EDGE 5W-20 Full Synthetic


#03 Bosch Oil Filter (3330 Premium FILTECH)


Effectively removes contaminants, with a 99.6 percentage Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating and an advanced synthetic fiber blend media

Decreases engine deposit formation to help maximize engine response Best full synthetic money can buy

High lubricity gasket design provides a tight seal, yet easy removal Double-locked rolled seam forms a leak free canister


Prevents dry starts by eliminating internal leakage during shutdown through the use of a silicone anti-drain back valve (where required by OEM)

Reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds, protects the engine for the entire drain interval even under extreme pressure

Exclusive FILTECH media technology screens out more harmful contaminants for greater engine protection Strong steel base plates and housings prevent warpage, leaks and poor fit

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Depending on the model of your car, this will determine which product or brand to use. It is great to pick an oil filter that meets the needs of your car otherwise; the filter range will likely have oil spills. Using the wrong product may lead to inappropriate oil filtration, low oil weight or pressure, and major oil leaks. It goes without saying that car maintenance is vital, be sure to review top fuel injector cleaners to ensure you car continues to run well. Let’s dive into our top oil filter ratings below.


  • First do this check, manufacturers advised to stick to the best oil filtering system brand used by your auto company if it uses a specific type of filter. You need to know the three types of car oil filters: the filters standard in most cars, the filters commonly found on diesel engines, and the magnetic filters that come with a small magnet just inside the canister attracting tiny rust and metal pieces.
  • Consult experts on the best filters if you don’t have any idea and if you’re undecided what oil filter to choose. Your mechanic can help you determine the best that you may use. try to solicit recommendations from your family or even friends. There’s nothing wrong on asking and admitting that you know less or nothing about this issue. This is less stressful.
  • Do conduct your own research about different oil filters. You may do this with ease now since there are various articles and write-ups available online that you can read. Reading customer reviews is another beneficial approach because they are first-hand experiences from the users. These reviews can serve as hints on which oil filters you have to avoid and what brands are fit for your car.

Here are some of the best oil filters with their specifications and reviews to help you decide which one to choose. These may or may not fit to your vehicle, so select the right one according to its specs.  Consider the pointers of each of the filters so you can compare which is the best among them all. Pay attention to the following customer reviews if you do not want to encounter any problem in the future. Discover how these oil filters will show you the proper care for your engine. 


After review, we’ve learned that many car owners consider Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filter as one of the best in providing their vehicles engine with lasting performance.

The filter is already tried and tested and found to be effective in oil contaminant removal from the blend of its advance synthetic fiber and high Multi-Pass Efficiency rating. It can hold contaminants more than the other filters can. It can withstand the operating pressure of your engine (which is nearly nine times than the normal pressure) with its aluminum canister.

It is its adaptability for a workable installation in your car that sets it apart from the other tools for filtering. It also prevents dryness of the engine because it removes the internal leakage when it’s shutdown using the silicone-based anti-drain back valve. 

Consumers find the product very effective in oil filtering as it works well in any type of car. It thoroughly removes any kind of leakage an it last for several years. Among the downsides of this filter are it’s being lighter than the other filters that gives it a cheap feel. It is smaller compared to the common oil filters. It is also a little pricey that the other types of filter but Mobil 1 oil filters prove strong.

The Castrol 03083 EDGE 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil offers the highest possible protection level for the critical engine parts enabling your car to perform at its maximum.

It is an advanced full synthetic motor oil that contains a proprietary and distinct formula to reduce volatility and offers superior protection to its engine. Its superior performance in wear, oxidation, and deposits is remarkable. It is three times stronger in terms of viscosity breakdown compared to the conventional and synthetic filter oils.

The innovative titanium technology of this product tends to physically change the engine oil’s behavior when under extreme pressures. This technology doubles the strength of its film to prevent the oil from breaking down and to mitigate friction for maximum engine performance.

The oil filter receives better customer rating against power robbing deposits. It offers superior protection on your engine than the synthetic and conventional blend oil. It meets Dexos1 Performance requirements. It also lessens wear, runs clean and safe, and offers smooth performance. Some customers have a bit of negative connotation on its regular price, which is for them a bit expensive.

The Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter makes you the best bang among oil filters. This oil filter stands out among the other brands, thanks to its more propelled innovation. It is notable for its high-end lubricated gasket configuration that comes with a tight seal to get rid of any spillage.

Its media screens works pretty well in filtering out the hazardous contaminants while protecting your engine. Its synthetic mesh only offers a good filtering job for synthetic oil filter and the regular motor oils. 

It guarantees spotless molecule free oil supply to vehicle engines. Take note of these oil filter reviews for future reference.

This oil filtering system has a very solid filter. It fits very well without any sign or leakage. Many prefer purchasing it as it is budget-friendly and works best in fragment filtering. It is even highly-recommended by many consumers.

However, the filter may not be fit to other car models. Some customers complain on their incomplete orders may be incomplete sometimes. We hope that you enjoyed this bosch oil filter review!

what is the best oil filter

ACDelco PF61E Professional Engine Oil Filter offers its filter range that is countable for its solid built automotive accessories. The filter is equipped with 90% workable filtering capability that also contains contaminants.

This is attributable to its multi-layer filtering for the processing capacity with its 25-30 micron efficiency. Its tighter seal emerges as temperature led by its thermosetting adhesive seal found on this device’s base. Such seal is also responsible in the strong hold of your filter. The filter has a cellulose media that can trap human hair and then filter anything to make certain that the car’s oil is free from any debris. Its superior filtering capacity provides durability and consistent flow management.

Its burst strength is actually five times stronger than the other oil filters. It is also equipped with a lubricity gasket that helps lessen installation torque.

This filter has smaller in size but with more filtration media for greater capacity. It is specifically made with durability and guarantees excellent filtering. It will cost less than the leading brands in the market, and it works well on both oil filter. The contrary, some customers complain on receiving orders with missing parts of the device or the defective one

The K&N PS-7020 Pro-Series Oil Filter flawlessly fits with ordinary or engineered oils making it the best filter for anyone despite their oil preference. The oil filter is designed for professional service providers as well as installers.

This filter offers trustworthy and high quality filtration to autos, which is easily accessible at a very reasonable cost considering their options and features. The high flow design of this tool improves the performance of your engine by lowering the oil filter restriction. It has a fluted canister shape that easily removes it using an oil filter wrench. It has an outstanding filtration work and an engine protection for the whole service life.

It is even engineered to deal with any grade of conventional, blended, and synthetic motor oils. The high capacity of its pleated media makes is appropriate for extended oil change intervals when it is used based on the car and motor oil manufacturer recommendations. This filter is available for cartridge and canister type oil filter applications. It offers filtration like no other. It is fit for conventional oil and best oil filter for synthetic oil with high flow filter for performance improvement. It has premium filtration media to increase its filtration capacity.

Its filter drain plastic tends to be a press in piece. It crushes about 1/8 inch from its original height when the used filter is being removed.

The thicker shell of Royal Purple 17807 17807 Oil Filter is found to be stronger compared to the other filters. This is the best filter that has metal-based end-caps for a nice seal.

Its center tube is strategically designed so as not to collapse when it is being used. The micro-glass media component is 100% screen-back best synthetic oil filter providing great oil filtration of 99 percent at 25 microns. Its high-performance anti-drain back valve is silicone-made making it great in preventing a dry start. Its heavy gauge steel back plate is important in increasing its burst strength.

Royal Purple 17807 17807 Oil Filter guarantees the best filtration process for all oil filter types although they may cost you a lot. You can use it with the Royal Purple motor oil for best results. This oil filter can be used for both full synthetic and conventional motor oils, which makes it the best oil filter for synthetic oil.

It works pretty well in particle removal and in any type of vehicle. It is heavy duty and good in particle removal. It can withstand heavy flow of oil and optimizes oil flow. The filter may or may not fit on your car. So check your car’s oil filter first to know whether it can really fit well. It also comes in a premium cost.


  • Another great option is to contact the customer service and ask for suggestions or any options.
  • Know who makes the best filter of your car. Contact and ask manufacturers if they will be able to offer an alternative to the oil filter brand in case you failed to find the same maker in store. This can be of great help for your search.
  • You should never assume that you know all things about your vehicle as well as its maintenance when you are really not.
  • Look for the best filters through online stores. You will find a lot of filters for sale on any online store so with the other items relevant for regular maintenance operations.
  • Look for the right size of the best oil filter for your auto. High-end brands usually contain cellulose fibers while the mid-range filters have a mixture of synthetic and cellulose fibers. Just check in the provided owner’s manual for the correct oil filter type and size for installation.
  • You have to inspect the filter. Note that more contaminants are collected by the filter if it has more pleats. Choose one containing silicone anti-drainback barrier or a tight fitting barrier to avoid the oil to contaminate with the particles.
  • Always remember the rule of thumb that filters with high price values are the best if not the better ones. Think of this, automotive oil filters don’t usually provide the valuable information when determining their appropriateness unlike that of the industrial filters.

So there you have it, the six best oil filter comparison from which you can choose from these days. Inspect and take each of these products with their respective reviews into consideration as they are recommended by real customers like yourself. Read the specifications of each one of them and how they may work for your vehicle and go from there. Hopefully this has provided you some light and insight that you may need in order to choose the best product for you vehicle! Keep in mind that most of these reviews are based on oil filter reviews consumer reports.

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