Finding best wine cooler is not a daunting task, as it may seem only when you understand what you are looking for. Wine fridge is available in single or double zone with different capacity of holding bottles. 

Typically, single zone wine cooler is ideal for domestic applications. On the other hand double zone wine cooler fridge provides separate temperature control for white and red wine as these wines demand. In addition, considering the installation process of the wine chiller is important as typically, coolers are available in freestanding or built in installation.

Another important aspect worth consideration is the cooling mechanism. Two types of mini wine fridge are available: Thermoelectric & Compressor.  In addition, look for options available for: Cooling temperature range, Digital temperature display, Digital temperature control, UV light proof door, Humidity protection, Door lock to prevent unauthorized access, Capacity to accommodate oversized bottles.

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Even small things matter a lot like adjustable feet. For example, you may need to level the mini wine fridge before the final installation to offset the level difference of the floor. Make sure to look for under counter wine cooler/fridge with removable shelves for customization. Important considerations make a difference before making a decision. Be sure to stop by the homepage of 4thandswift for more in-depth reviews!


EdgeStar CWR70SZ is a tallboy wine bottle cooler with 6-inch width making it highly suitable for cramped spaces. This small wine cooler has the capacity to store seven bottles at once. 

Wine cooler fridge comes with sturdy stainless steel door handle and frame, UV-resistant tinted glass, blue LED interior lighting, and the digital control panel. Overall size of the small wine cooler is 34.38″ H x 5.88″ W x 18.63″ D.

EdgeStar CWR70SZ wine cooler fridge uses compression cooling. It is a single zone product; however, you can set the temperature to 55° F for storing red and white wine together. Internal circulation fan ensures uniform cooling without a room for hot spots. 

Further, shelves are removable in case you need to keep a large bottle. However, it accommodates standard wine bottles with 2.75″ diameter easily.


Although, EdgeStar CWR70SZ mini wine fridge uses compression cooling it is noiseless and delivers the promised performance. It is suitable for red and white wine. Looks are attractive and tallboy design and six inch width make it suitable for installation in tight spaces. Further, it is freestanding adding more scope for installation. Internal racks are removable for easy cleaning. It comes with hardware to reverse the door opening direction in case you need to change it.


Make sure to keep adequate space around the under counter wine cooler/fridge for ventilation. You cannot keep a large bottle unless you remove a couple of internal racks. The cooler may slide while opening or closing the door when kept freestanding. Crammed installation in a cabinet may result in additional vibration noise during the normal operation of the wine fridge.

NutriChef PKTEWC80 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator comes with advantages like precision cooling system, airtight glass door seal, and temperature control display. Front glass of the wine cooler fridge seals the inside completely. 

Further, it comprises thermoelectric cooling, adjustable temperature control, built-in circulation fan, ventilation grill, and integrated LED light. The unit has the capacity to store up to eight standard size wine bottles. This NutriChef product is optimized to provide 46° to 64° F cooling.

NutriChef PKTEWC80 is single zone wine chiller and it is equally suitable for reds and whites. Being thermostatic cooler, PKTEWC80 is quiet and delivers up to the expectations. Easy to use touch temperature controls provide a simple user interface. PKTEWC180 model is available with 18 bottles capacity and PKTEWC120 small wine cooler model is available with 12 bottles capacity. Freestanding design of the wine cooler fridge ensures simple installation and flexibility of use.


Simple to use and highly optimized NutriChef PKTEWC80 under counter wine cooler/fridge is ideal for using at homes or retail stores. This NutriChef product comes with removable racks for more room for larger bottles. Touch screen is easy to use and provides optimal temperature control. Airtight seal ensures to keep wine crisp and tasty for a long time.


You need to wait for a few seconds to unlock the door. Freestanding design may result in sliding of the unit in case of application of excessive force for closing or opening the door. It lacks dual temperature control. Further, it is a single zone mini wine fridge. Therefore, monitoring and regulating the correct temperature is necessary in case you want to store whites and reds together.

Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is freestanding wine fridge with a capacity to cool 12 bottles at once. This wine cooler has thermoelectric cooling resulting in faster chilling of wine at the correct temperature. 

Further, the wine cooler fridge has black door and cabinet in addition to sculpted chrome shelves for the perfect visual appeal.

Ideally, Magic Chef MCWC12B, the super wine chiller is designed to provide cooling range of 54° F to 66° F making it subtly suitable for storing whites and reds together. 

Further, the cooler has electronic control panel with LED display to keep an eye on the inside temperature.


Magic Chef MCWC12B small wine cooler is ideal for home use especially when storing 12 chilled bottles is enough for you. It is suitable for fitting inside kitchen cabinets. Thermoelectric cooling provides satisfying results in addition to being less demanding in power consumption. Do not forget to measure the cabinet size before buying Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle under counter wine cooler/fridge in case you want to make it a part of existing cabinets or furniture.


Magic Chef MCWC12B mini wine fridge is a freestanding unit. It may slide while opening or closing the door. Further, the cooler is suitable for standard sized wine bottles and it will not accommodate large bottles or even Champaign bottles for that matter. However, you may compromise storage capacity by removing shelf in case you need to keep 1.5-Liter bottle.

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Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 is a dual zone wine cooler designed to provide storage of up to 18 bottles in horizontal and vertical style. 

Temperature range of the top zone is 54° F to 66° F and the temperature range of the bottom zone is 46° F to 66° F providing separate space for whites and reds.

This energy-efficient, thermoelectric, CFC-free wine fridge is ETL approved. Top portion of the wine cooler fridge holds 10 bottles and the bottom section has space for eight bottles. 

However, this freestanding unit is not available for shipping to California due to the State Legislations.

This black colored wine chiller is available in 20.2″ x 9.9″ x 37.5″ size and operates on standard 120 volts. Other features of the small wine cooler are exterior digital touch screen, interior LED lighting, reflective smoked-glass Thermopane door, temperature display, stainless steel door trim, and seven pull out chrome shelves.


Dual zone design of Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 mini wine fridge provides separate storage for whites and reds ensuring to maintain necessary temperatures. Racks are removable for extra space for large bottles. This wine chiller is CFC-free, energy-efficient, and ETL approved. Silent performance and efficient cooling makes ETL approved a perfect wine cooling solution for homes or retail stores.


Unit requires free space around it as heat is produced at the back of the wine cooler. Door of the small wine cooler is not reversible. You need to use this product as a freestanding unit. It is not designed for built-in or under the counter installation.

Koldfront TWR181ES 18 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is suitable for homes as well as retail stores with its performance and capacity. Lower zone provides cooling in the range from 54° to 64° F and the upper zone provides cooling temperature range from 45° to 54° F.

Lower zone is large and accommodates up to 12 bottles. Upper zone is smaller and accommodates up to six bottles. Unit is freestanding and has soft LED interior lighting, vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, and even temperature distribution across the zones. Size of the wine fridge is 26 1/4″ H x 13 5/8″ W x 19 3/8″ D.

This wine chiller has a digital temperature display, Electronic controls, and removable chrome racks. However, it is designed for standard 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles. 

Therefore, you need to remove the shelf to accommodate larger bottles while compromising overall storage capacity. Soft LED interior light adds promising appeal to the overall looks of the wine fridge.


Features like thermoelectric cooling, dual zones, overall 18 bottles capacity, freestanding, removable shelves for additional customization, even temperature distribution, and superior external appeal make this cooler a good choice for homes or for commercial use with limited application.


Koldfront TWR181ES wine cooler fridge is not suitable for built in installation applications. Door of the fridge is not reversible. Stacking of bottles to the maximum capacity results in off temperature in both zones. The cooler does not have a lock to prevent unauthorized access. Further, this unit is not available for shipping to California due to non-compliance to the State Legislations and (CEC) California Energy Commission.

Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is 21″ x 18.11″ x 29″ in size and comes with an adjustable thermostat with cooling range from 52° F – 64° F. This single zone freestanding wine cooler fridge has a digital temperature display showing Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Whynter WC28S wine fridge has blue light LCD temperature display. Platinum cabinet with metallic silver trimmed glass door provides durability and excellent visual appeal. 

Further, the wine chiller has dedicated fan for circulating cold air throughout the cooler for effective and even cooling. Its fan is the only moving part in the cooler ensuring minimum maintenance.

Whynter WC28S wine cooler has ergonomic glass door with a towel bar handle. The glass door is double paned and has cylinder lock to prevent intrusion. Removable scalloped chrome racks allow custom display and storage of wine collection. Whynter WC28S is CFC-free and environment friendly while delivering energy efficient performance.


Features like vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, freestanding installation, 28 wine bottles capacity, platinum cabinet, metallic silver trimmed glass door, adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varieties, towel bar handle, cylinder lock, and blue light LCD temperature display make using Whynter WC28S wine fridge a superb experience. This unit is ideal for those who love to preserve precious wine for years.


Whynter WC28S accommodates standard 750ml wine bottles. Remove racks to make extra space for larger bottles. Available interior space height is 23.5″. Therefore, does not hold 28 bottles. Whynter WC28S wine cooler fridge will hold 27 and the labels on the bottle are torn due to friction. Further, Whynter WC28S is not designed for built-in installation applications.

Avallon AWC241FD is dual zone built-in wine cooler with French door. This wine fridge has two side-by-side zones. Both left and the right zone provides cooling in the range from 40° to 65° F making it suitable for whites and reds separately. 

Overall size of the fridge is 34.5″ H x 23.9″ W x 23.7″ D. cooling mechanism of Avallon AWC241FD comprises powerful compressor and two fans for internal air circulation. Both fans provide even circulation of cold air throughout the zone eliminating the chances of developing hot spots.

Avallon AWC241FD under counter wine cooler/fridge is versatile as far as the installation is concerned. It fits in all types of built in as well as freestanding installation applications like under the kitchen counter, freestanding in the bar room or flush mount in the cabinetry. 

This flexibility arrives out of front ventilation. Further, black exterior with French styled stainless steel doors makes it very attractive.


Features like superior insulation, display and storage of most prized bottles, double paned and low-E glass protects the content from UV rays exposure, blue and white interior LED lighting, carbon filters for prevention of unwanted odors and debris from entering the interior, and two factory-installed True-Key Locks make using Avallon AWC241FD a good experience.


Only curbside delivery is available for Avallon AWC241FD wine cooler fridge. Make sure to check the proper working of all electrical functions like door open sensor or temperature controller of the left and right zone upon arrival of the wine fridge.

EdgeStar CWR461DZ is 24-inch wide wine cooler fridge with a whopping capacity of keeping 46 standard 750 ml wine bottles. It is a compressor-based cooler with true two zones for storing red or white wines separately. 

However, first zone provides 1/3 storage and the second zone provides 2/3 storage space. This jumbo cellar comes with tinted glass to keep UV rays out. Further. EdgeStar CWR461DZ wine chiller has digital temperature control, touch control, and digital temperature display in case you need to keep an eye on the temperature inside.

Another promising feature of EdgeStar CWR461DZ under counter wine cooler/fridge is installation flexibility. With the built in installation compatibility you can install it in cabinetry or under the counter according to your choice or availability of the space. 

Soft LED interior lighting, stainless steel trim door, and slide-out stainless steel shelves provide an excellent showcase of your wine collection.


EdgeStar CWR461DZ has whopping capacity to store 46 bottles in two zones. Compressor-based cooling is reliable and the unit is silent when compared to a standard refrigerator. It comes with installation flexibility due to front ventilation. Fans installed in the unit provide uniform cooling in both zones. This cellar is ideal for storing whites and reds separately.


Only curbside delivery is available for EdgeStar CWR461DZ wine cooler. Remember to note important data from the back of the wine chiller required for registration of the product prior to sliding it to its final position during an installation.


Dual zone or single zone, thermoelectric or compressor cooling, size and capacity of a wine fridge and many such questions arise when you shop for the best wine cooler. However, select your cooler depending upon your priorities and requirements like available space for installation, storage capacity, or ease of using the cooler and pick a pick that serves the purpose while delivering the best value for money.

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