Whatever the celebration or circumstance you may have, you would always opt for a worry-free drinking on the couch, in the bath, on the patio, or in the garden. Right? Plastic wine glasses are absolutely a staple in any party or event you are throwing to prevent not just the possible mess, but also the stress. These glasses will make your summertime spree shatterproof with their stunning designs and features.

Choosing wine glasses is more than just picking one with a stem. These glasses are specifically designed to enhance the wine’s flavor upon drinking. Glasses with wider bowl help increase the surface area of the wine. This allows you to smell the vintage that you are drinking, which is critical to taste. Prefer a set for red wine glasses as it’s better off to drink white wine out of the red wine glass than the other way around.

You’ll find the best choice for your needs and daily usage on the plastic wine glasses we’ve reviewed below. We’ll save you the trial and error of spending so much time in shopping for lasting plastic wine glasses. 

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#01 Colorful, Stackable Acrylic Footed Tumblers


  • MADE FROM acrylic for glass-like clarity and greater durability
  • BPA Free top rack dishwasher safe, Perfect for indoor and outdoor useage
acrylic drinking glasses

#02 Bormioli Rocco Red Wine Glass (Set of 4)


  • LASER CUT RIM and a satisfyingly smooth and slender stem that is easy to grip.
  • MADE IN ITALY Shatter Resistant & Dishwasher Safe
plastic wine cups

#03 Libbey 3056S4 Red Wine Glass (Set of 4)


  • CLASSY yet casual teardrop shape emphasizes your favorite wine’s natural taste and aroma
  • Made lead free in the USA. Dishwasher Safe

Features of Plastic Wine Glasses

As a flexible and durable material, there are a lot of finishes that plastic can achieve. Among them are as follows:

  • Colors – Plastic wine glasses can be made out of every color of the rainbow. These can even include the luminous and see-through. You have a wide range of choices in color. You just have to make the most of what can give you satisfaction.
  • Insulated – Insulated wine glasses come with a double wall of polycarbonate material which keeps your drinks cool for longer.
  • Elite – There are available elite ranges of materials claiming for better quality. In most cases, they have distinct facet in their design and are made from thicker walls. They may also have an interested shape.
  • Stackable – Plastic glassware can usually be stacked to make their storage as easy as possible. Take note that wine holders made from real glass can break when you store them in stacks.
  • Decorated – When it comes to decoration, plastic-based wine glasses take the toll than the glass-base glassware. You can decorate them with pictures, patterns, and you can even mold them to resemble the cut glass. This is to say that you can personalize your wine glass without further ado.

With the above-mentioned pointers in mind, let’s go deeper in knowing the top-most plastic wine glasses on the market today.

big & Disposable Wine Glass set with REVIEWS


(4.6 / 5)

These acrylic-based plastic wine glasses are designed for greater durability and glass-like clarity. The set includes 8 tumblers, each of which can hold 12 oz. Their varying colors allow you to easily track your own drink when in parties or any occasion. It is safe to use them for drinking since they are BPA-free as well as for dishwashing. They are also stackable so storing and transporting them is very easy. 

Although these glasses are inexpensive, they will give you a different feel in drinking your wine as well as their weight. They are not friendly to the environment. They can fade and scratch thus diminishing their overall aesthetics. If you are into a glass that you can reuse several times, opt for the true glass instead because it is more pleasing.

(4.4 / 5)

Bormioli Rocco’s Red Wine Glass is an 18-ounce wide bowl with an easy-to-hold stem though it’s delicate.  It is designated to be a “Star Glass” by the manufacturer since it is made out of a durable glass free from lead. This feature ensures its highest glass transparency degree. Its XLT Treatment protects itself against the most breakage causes and stand as a reinforced stem for lasting resistance.

Being manufactured in Italy, you would not have a second thought on the quality of this product. You don’t need to worry about dishwashing since it is safe when placed on the top rack. It would be wise to hand wash this glass should you want to extend their respective lifespan.

Although some are up for this glass’ strength and durability, there are also users who are not into its big size. They note that it is so tall to fit in a cupboard.

(4.5 / 5)

This basic wine glass is ideal if you want to stock up glasses for your party. This wine goblet is best to use if you don’t want to spend much money on stemware. This will actually save you a lot especially when your family and friends are vulnerable to break them.

It is a durable heavy-duty glassware though it seems to be smaller compared to the other top wine glasses. It fits the bill for those in search for an enjoyment of their tight budget though it might not be design-specific glass. You may only run it through the dishwasher to cleanup to save time. 

Many prefer to use this glass with a teardrop shape that puts emphasis on the natural aroma and taste of red and white wine. Its intimate size is great for any gathering you may have with your friends.

wine cup

(4.6 / 5)

These crystal clear glass are specifically manufactured for white wine, which are lead-free making them the propriety Star Glass of Paksh. Their stout bulb give you comfort when cradled in your hand permitting the wine to breathe then release its aroma. Their thin rims and slender stems are laser-cut. They are then treated to reinforce their stem and protect them from any abrasions reducing any potential breakage. 

This set includes four wine glasses with 15-ounce capacity each. All of them are resistant to shatter and are safe from dishwasher.  It would be wise to hand wash them so as not to jostle around in your dishwasher. Just keep in mind to handle them with proper care as they may shutter even at the slightest pressure. This is to prevent cutting yourself. These are truly the best acrylic wine glasses available!

(4.6 / 5)

For special occasions, these high-end glasses are the best. These 24% lead crystal-made glasses are also perfect for those in search for a more unique glass than the plain, clear one. Their delicate design makes them look elegant and classy though their cuts should resemble glass blowing.

The set includes four 9-ounce glasses. Aside from their usual shape for white wines, there are also other shapes having the same pattern. They are great as a gift item or if you want to enhance your meal and bar experience. Hand washing them is recommended though they are dishwasher safe.

These 15-ounce tumblers are perfect if you are looking for a stemless wine glass. Most people prefer to use them because of their ease when handling, their guarantee of dishwasher fit without breakage, and of course their aesthetics. You can use them either for white or red wine. They are durable enough for everyday use since they are resistant to shatter. They comfortably fit in your hands and are practical for your day-to-day use.

If you have kids at home, use these glasses because they are difficult to knock over. They may also incur fewer red wine stains to your carpet or sofa. They are more stable compared to the traditional wine glasses. They will still provide you with the constant temperature and full flavor of your wine. Their flat bottom helps increase the stability of your drink. They are even terrific for weddings, gifts, and dinner parties. 

Royal Stemless glasses are a solid selection for every household while they do not have the utmost quality like that of the Riedel stemware. There are complaints that some of them have cracks and bubbles.

For special occasions, these high-end glasses are the best. These 24% lead crystal-made glasses are also perfect for those in search for a more unique glass than the plain, clear one. Their delicate design makes them look elegant and classy though their cuts should resemble glass blowing.

The set includes four 9-ounce glasses. Aside from their usual shape for white wines, there are also other shapes having the same pattern. They are great as a gift item or if you want to enhance your meal and bar experience. Hand washing them is recommended though they are dishwasher safe.

These imported, clear plastic glasses are in a disposable plastic construction that can hold 2 ounces of sangria, margaritas, and/or any tropical beverage. You may fill them with fun shooters as you use them to pass the creative hors d’oeuvres or for your next part. 

They are cute enough to make ladies gush into drinking. Kids who are hugging a puppy cannot even hold these tiny glasses, making the safety of these cute little ones secured. Well, anything served in these margarita glasses will surely be a hit.

Try using these tiny wine glasses for a cocktail hour with Mexican appetizer ceviche at a certain wedding; and you’ll get praise. Some find them perfect for those searching for a teaser size margarita cup used for a retirement before an open bar. They made a perfect match for your Jell-O shots as well.

Yes, they are made from plastic but they are not a flimsy and cheap plastic ware. And if you intend to throw big parties with most wine drinkers of audience, you might consider the other wine glasses then.   

Factors to Consider IN PLASTIC WINE & champagne GLASSES

Wine glasses may have a huge difference in the tastes of wines. You need to pick your glass proper care and attention to get the most of your wine. As you care about the wine buying and tasting, all the more in choosing the right plastic wine glasses. Even the perfect cocktail deserves a second look, you just need a cocktail shaker. Note the following considerations:

  • Color – It may seem irrelevant to how wines taste, the color of the glass impacts the appeal of the wine to you. This is to say that the best wine glasses to taste wines are those that are clear and round. Yes, these plain and boring wine glasses are the best.
  • Material – There are certain situations and occasions when plastic glasses are a necessity like picnics, drive thru, and other activities. Just make sure to check their materials to avoid potential harm.
  • Thickness – Appreciating the looks of your wine is easier when you are using thin wine glasses. Thinner glasses create a finer wine stream running across your taste buds.
  • Size – It is ideal to have larger wine glasses when serving red wines than for the white wines. These glasses will enable you to taste the wine a half or even a third of it with room to swirl it around. It is ideal to use around 12 ounce glasses as they can properly manage most wines on the market.
  • Occasion – The occasion can also affect the type of glass you are using, though not so much on its technical points. Cheap and cheerful or stemless glasses might just be on your budget in more casual occasions.
  • Stem – The stems of wine glasses are particularly designed to hold wines well not just to look at them. This is to make sure that the glass bowl will be kept from being smudged and that the heat of your hand will not be transferred to the wine.
  • Shape – This is the most significant aspect of the best wine glass. Different wines require different shapes depending on your desire and the situation.
  • Pros and Cons – Also take into account the advantages and disadvantages of plastic wine glasses when considering whether or not to use them. This type of wine glasses is ideal for parties, which is just occasionally. Wine glasses do not usual break easily, making them great to prevent possible mishaps when used. They are also available at lower prices and are easy to dispose so you won’t worry on cleaning them up afterwards. However, they may not be an alternative glass for people who want to experience wine drinking rather than just wine tasting. They may not be as elegant as the traditional glass though you can buy them in different styles and shapes. Tipping and spills can happen when using them because they lack stability and balance. Non-plastic wine glasses are better than the plastic ones in fancier dinnerware.

So what’s the right wine glass then? Despite the things to look into when getting the right glass, the choice is still up to you at the end of the day. The glass changes your sensory experience and enjoyment not the wine itself. When comparing plastic glasses with their glass counterpart, it is up to you whether each of their aspects is a merit or a demerit. Take a closer look to their look and feel, break-ability, child friendly, weight, flammability, and recyclability. When it comes to their impact on the environment, it is great to check the materials from which they were made from. They can have different chemical properties like acrylic, polycarbonate, styrene acrylonitrile, or polystyrene.

Purchase a set of wine glasses bulk today and you will never be caught short when you entertain your guests at whatever occasion or activity. You deserve to enjoy sipping your wine with family, friends and colleague in whatever occasion and whenever you want, and wherever you would like it to do. Always shop only for the best wine glasses for white wine, champagne, red wine, and more

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